Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Gee, Day Two already!

Well here it is day two with this blog already, and there's little new.  

It's still hot; I'm still behind with everything ... chores, correspondence, knitting, and just about all else I can think of; and each time I think I'm going to catch up there's a T-storm or something else stopping me from accomplishing what I thought I would.  Oh well, such us life, eh?  

Joined a couple knitting blogs/knit-alongs yesterday.  Probably won't actually get to do the knit-alongs when everyone else does, but I think I'll eventually get to making the projects ... just quite a while after the groups.  LOL  Ali's working the present one (Mystery Stole #3), and it's amazingly gorgeous.  As usual, she frogged it after quite a lot of work and restarted using other wool.  I actually do agree with the choice of the second color this time .... it really shows off the lacework much better than the first (and darker) wool choice.  I think when I work the shawl, I will use white or cream colored yarn.  Haven't yet decided whether I'll include beads or not even though they really do add a tremendous amount of beauty and depth.  I guess I'll see how many I've got on hand that would work with the yarn I choose ... and if I've got enough to do the whole shawl.  

Tomorrow Bob's off and plans to golf.  I've an appointment with the insurance man to evaluate the house to see about homeowner's coverage with his company rather than the one we've had since we were kids.  After he leaves, I plan to the cash & carry market for some great buys they're offering in a special sale.  I should take the highway and give the (new) car a good, clean-out-the-carbon, run; but I don't know if they're still doing construction and would be annoyed to get stuck in an all-stop.  

Heading to read/write some emails.  It's already pushing noon!  

The Knitwit

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Wow, my own blog!

Well, I've opened this blog with the thought that perhaps I might keep up with my friends this way...... like when I've got news to tell all of you, maybe you'd check here rather than me writing the same thing over and over to each of you.  Uh, just a thought -- don't know if it will actually work.

I'm also thinking that this can be set to invite only ... although I'm not sure that's the case.  

It's hot here, uncomfortably so; I "owe" every single one of my friends a howdy and/or update (!!); and I'm even behind with my knitting.  I know, you're probably thinking "what else is new?", right?  LOL

I'll post this and see if it comes through alright.  

The Knitwit