Saturday, June 13, 2009

Owa Tagu Siam

Hey, all!

Perhaps you've never heard that; but many years ago (gee, I can't venture to guess how many and would shudder if I actually did figure that out!), my sister nearly plagued me for an afternoon, having me repeat the subject sentence over and over, telling me I'd know what it meant with repetition. She was right, of course; and I finally did realize that what I'd been repeating was "oh, what a goose I am."  :P

This was about the same time my brother also plagued me with questions, one of which was "What was the color of Napoleon's white horse?"  I repeatedly told him we hadn't studied Napoleon yet in school, that I hadn't a clue what color his horse was, and WHO CARES anyhow?  He persisted and said that if I repeated the question over and over that I would know the answer.  Oh, duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

The lesson of both these games I took at the time to be "listen."  For all these years those questions have popped into my head frequently and at odd times, and I converted the first one into "Owa Talum Piam."  From that, I've taken the original message of "listen" to "pay attention to detail."  And that's what I've doing less and less these days, it seems.  I've ALLOWED myself to become a lump and not keep up with all I intend. I've ALLOWED myself to say "it's not going anywhere and will be waiting for me when I want" as well as "It's alright to give in to the thought that I just don't feel like it."  AYE!  This is so contrary to how I used to be.

Years ago I said I  (through no fault of my own) changed from a Type A personality to a Type F ... which for the sake of not offending some will explain as Type S ... as in "Screw it".  I grew up  at a time when  language that's considered foul was not used or taken that way, it was just a way of expressing oneself with emphasis.  So I can think of  just one word that some consider offensive as being offensive to me.  Other words that are considered fine and acceptable in conversation are VERY offensive to me, and perhaps I'll make that the subject of another post.....

At any rate, the question now is, can I fix this lackadaisical attitude that's become mine? Can I be more attentive and productive? I don't really know, but it's worth trying whether I do manage change it or not, eh?

I'm currently working a project (knitting, of course) that's one of the first in EONS that I am NOT enjoying.  The stitch is pretty and actually quite easy, but it's still slow going and rather bores me.  I'm also working it with two lace weights together, feeding off large spools, so that's cumbersome and adds to my dislike of the project.  Hm.... my therapy of knitting is not there with this project.  !!  Hopefully the finished project will please me enough to make up for my boredom and feeling of ever SO SLOWLY plodding on with it.

I'll close this for now and actually get moving with chores and productive things! (gasp!) It's a beautiful day for now with rain expected later, so hopefully I can get some of the winter things washed and outside to dry (can't take the dryer) and get them packed away for the season.

As always, I send y'all smiles!

The Knitwit

Note: My current extra prayer/support list is:
- Lovlee and Rikki's family
- Gloria
- Kathie (to keep on keepin' on as you do to my complete and utter amazement)
- Gypsy Froggie (how're ya doin' girl?)
- Jacky (still lookin' for ya, girl!)