Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday USA!!

Hey, all!

For the last several years there were java pages on the 'net where you could click anywhere and have fireworks explode with each click. Some of the sites have closed and disappeared, and now there are lots of links and instructions for "building" a page of your own like this (which is much beyond me!!).  I did, however, manage to find this one.  You can click in the sky above the city, just not on the river and all.  There used to be the same pic that would allow the 'works to explode all around the statue, on the water, etc., and it was really cool. This is more limited but still fun.   Once again, though it says this is supposed to be a link, it's not appearing as one.  If it isn't one to you, just copy and paste. 

Enjoy, and happy birthday to us all. :D

The Knitwit

Note: My current extra prayer/support list is:
- Lovlee and Rikki's family
- Gloria and family
- Gypsy Froggie
- Kathie (as always)
- Jacky