Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hey, all! I'm back!

Back, at least for the most part. I reopened my shops today, and though there's a ton of reorganizing, updating and such to do; I'm hoping that I'll be able to keep up and not find I need some more time off.

While the shops were closed, it seems that USPS, PayPal and the other shipping services I use changed their options and prices. So I think I will need to go through everything and update my shipping estimates ... not my fave chore. :P

Just prior to closing the shops, I started using Twitter. I met the most amazing people there and was amazed at the openness and support of the community. Though I enjoyed it immensely, I think I will do little or nothing there ongoing because it requires too much time for me to keep "in the swing" along with everything else. Some friends have told me ways to better manage Twitter (like Hootsuite, etc.), but I don't seem to get the hang of them and feel that (at least for the present) I should concentrate on the shops, Facebook, my website, and (of course!) the shops.

While those were closed, I continued producing, and given that there was already a stash of things to list; that stash is now overflowing the space I've allotted for it. So I definitely need to "get busy" and take pictures, figure the shipping and write up the descriptions for those so I can get them listed. Heaven knows that they're not going anywhere if nobody gets to see them!

If you're familiar with my work, you might notice that I go on "binges" either with a particular pattern or a particular yarn; so if you see something somewhere (in one of the shops, on my website or on Flickr) that you might like in a different color or yarn, give me a shout-out 'cause it's actually possible that I've already got it made and just sitting here waiting to be listed. !! :P

Cheer me on while I attempt to get back up to speed, K?

As always, I send you smiles!

The Knitwit