Thursday, May 20, 2010


For the most part I have not posted much unrelated to my business or what I consider "personal" ... but I'm stepping aside from that with this post.

Everything came to a screeching halt yesterday afternoon when I learned my octogenarian parents had been scammed.  They happily told me of their "purchase," having no idea that anything was amiss. 

... All evening on the phone and into the wee hours being wired and rattled ... little sleep ... tossing and turning ... MORE tossing and turning. LONG night.  Exhausted today.  And that's not to say that I wouldn't follow this schedule and routine indefinitely to protect them.  

I think it's fixed now although only time passing will tell us for sure. Money loss is one thing, but the thought of them being physically hurt is just ... well ... too much.  

They allowed the scammers to install a "security system" in their house. Just unbelievable; and it took me a couple hours to make them understand this WAS a scam.  They kept insisting that these were "nice" fellows, connected with GE and Nationwide.  ARGH! I couldn't make them understand that GE and Nationwide's names were being used without their knowledge.  Elders just trust ... and we all know it.  Pathetically, the scammers know it even better than the rest of us do. 

My parents still don't want to listen when my siblings and I BEG them to NOT do business with anyone who knocks on their door. They don't want to accept that the world is mean and ugly and that people wish to rob or harm them.  They WANT to trust and have forgotten how to be skeptical and wary.  Even when they try to do as we ask, they forget once someone starts talking and SEEMS nice.  They are too sweet to refuse someone who is smiling and talking nicely ... like it's an affront and slap to a nice person.  We explain that nice people will understand this rejection and not be offended AND that good businesses aren't knocking on doors for work.  The message just doesn't get through.....

They've already been taken for a driveway (twice), house painting, a roof, windows ... and I actually can't remember what else. This was one of several times they've allowed strangers into the house, again against our PLEADING that they don't.  

TOO FRIGHTENING! I was nauseous and shaking and angry and AYE!!!!!! They need to NOT be alone anymore but refuse all our begging to allow us to move them and care for them. Pathetic and frustrating.

This time, you could send ME some smiles and prayers and support vibes. While you're at it, include my parents and the hope that they will understand their lives would be safer, happier and healthier if they allow us to watch over them. 

The Knitwit