Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy New Year

Hey, all!

Yeah, I know it's almost February; I just thought I'd "try on" the new year 'fore sending wishes to everyone. :P  

Actually, I've been busy ... and fussing with 'puters and stuff so that my online time has been limited and also feeling somewhat like a chore after hours of fussing with settings and whatnot.  I just last night finally caught up on the rss feeds from Etsy, and tonight I hope to read all the blog posts I've been missing.  

2/2 marks a whole year since Bobby retired!  Though we were so scared, it's been a GREAT year!  

I'm off to do some reading and try to catch up with y'all.  Just wanted you to know I'm still here, just not blabbing much aside from a comment here and there on FB. 

The Knitwit

Note: My current extra prayer/support list is:
- Lovlee (I must write you and see how you are!)
- Gloria
- Susan