Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Still setting this up ...

I'm still working at setting this blog up how I want ... and I'm searching everywhere to find how to do this and that.  I've had some success and some failure.  

I updated my Flickr Account and uploaded all the pics I'd like to show on here, preferably in the form of a Flickr Badge like SimplyLovlee's got on her blog. I can only find the Slideshow option, though; so for the time being, I'm going with that. I've tried several times to get that to show all my pics, but it seems to be stuck showing just the last 15 or so that were uploaded. I allowed it to save for a LONG time, but it's still stuck on those same pics. I can't find any info if there's a limit to the number of pics that'll be streamed through to the blog.  

I've done a lot of hunting for how to get a Flickr Badge added rather than the slideshow.  I find great instructions on making one (easy) and have the code to post it to the blog, but I can't figure out how to put it into the blog except perhaps as a post, which I don't want.  I want it to be a widget along the side like the slideshow.  If I can't figure this out for myself, I'll ask Lovlee to help me (in her completely non-existant free time!  LOLOLOL)  

Other than that, I've been knitting still and worked at trying to better the pics in my Etsy shop as well as redoing lots of the descriptions there 'cause I just can't keep myself from being overly blabby.  But there's still (as always) an overflowing bag of FO's sitting here for me to write up and weigh and all to get 'em into the shop. I'm so slow at this that the things I make as season-specific end up hitting the shop in the NEXT season! :P

I've tons of stuff to get at 'round here that's home related rather than 'puter or Etsy related ... and I know I'm gonna hafta force myself to set this aside and work at least some of them before too much longer.

I haven't yet written to y'all to let you know I'm here, so with the exception of Susan (gee, you're amazing to have noticed me pop back here after a 2-year absence!!), I don't think anybody else realizes yet that I'm attempting to roll with this. I think tonight I will get notes out to everyone .....

Guess I'll sign off for now. Smiles to y'all ... even if it's only you, Susan, who sees them just yet! LOL

The Knitwit

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I really AM still here!

Yeow! Nearly two years since I last posted to this, my blog! I shouldn't be surprised ... nor should you if you know me much at all!

I'm becoming more and more aware ... and more and more guilty ... at my lack of keeping up with all the wonderful people I'm proud to call my friends. I think of you all every day but just end up completely overwhelmed when I sit down and realize just how many individual letters it takes to keep up any semblance of contact. So here I am trying once again to get my nerve to ask y'all to check here when you have the chance or are in the mood just to see that I really AM still kicking ... and knitting! :D

I'll be dropping a line to lots of you to let you know I'm attempting to give this a go again.

That's it for tonight. I send you smiles and waves!

The Knitwit