Thursday, January 26, 2012

Two months have passed already!

Hey, all!

I last posted here in November, telling you I'd reopened the shops and that there was a lot of updating, reorganizing and such to do. I accomplished (at least) some of that, but I know that I hurt my online presence and business by being closed for such a long while.

Now it's closing in on February, and I made a couple decisions regarding the shops, AND the postal rates were increased last week. So, both these things required MORE updating and shifting, rewriting, rechecking quotes and estimates ... and I'm still in the progress of updating all the shipping prices on listed items. Heaven only knows when I'll ever get to listing the mountains of waiting-to-be-listed things!

At any rate, my decision regarding the shops was to all but shut down two of them. It's been difficult jumping here and there, keeping the stock straight as to where it's listed, etc., plus one was charging a monthly fee that was (essentially) an investment in the future in the hopes that the venue would "take off". I gave that long enough to show even a little action and, seeing none, I decided to concentrate on other areas and not devote time and money to something that isn't doing anything at all for me right now. So I all but closed my shop on Zibbet, leaving only three pattern listings there, i.e., a no-charge shop. The second shop I decided to empty was the original one I'd opened on eCrater, The Knitwit's Hues. I will still keep the second shop there on eCrater, The Knitwit's Hues' Little House; but the knitted and crocheted items have been moved to the two main shops at which I'll concentrate my time (The Knitwit's Hues on Etsy and The Knitwit's Hues on Artfire.)

I must say that all the venues in which I've worked and had shops each has attributes that I really like and miss in the others. They are all unique in their own way, but I had to decide where my efforts were bringing the most notice.

I will be posting on my Facebook page some of the items I moved from one venue to another as it's very possible that you've not seen them.

Hoping that this New Year is being kind to all of us!

I send you smiles!

The Knitwit


Karnival of Krafts said...

I know what you mean about trying to keep track of what is where. It can be very confusing. Not to mention when postage rates change, the time spent changing everything when I am sure you would rather be knitting. I know I would rather be crocheting.

The Knitwit Hues said...

Yep, Kim! I'd ALWAYS rather be knitting (or crocheting or tatting ... whatever!) These postage changes are taking even longer for me to update than I'd anticipated. :P

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Aaron Grey said...

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