Sunday, September 19, 2010

Group Deal at Artfire!

Hey, all! 

Shock! While it being my "normal routine" to post once in a great long while, I think tonight I will post twice!  There are two links I want to pass on to you.  Both have time constraints, and I want to get both to you without delay.  They are so far removed in subject matter, however, that I will post them separately.  

This first is of lesser importance from the standpoint of making a change in the world.  It can, however, make a chance in your life (and mine) if enough people sign up for the offer.  

I'm assuming that y'all are familiar with Artfire.  It's a venue much like Etsy, concentrating on handmade goods, artwork and artistry as well as vintage goods.  It's newer than Etsy (although older than Zibbet), and it's soon to come out of Beta.  Corresponding with that and a desire to make a great splash in the marketplace, lifetime Pro Memberships are being offered at an incredible price ($5.95/month) if 20,000 sign up for them to comprise a "group."  Once the 20,000 requests have been reached, the memberships for all will be activated.  It's really too good an offer to pass if you are selling these goods online or even if you've been thinking about giving it a try.  Here's a link to check it out and sign up.  I encourage you to do so!  

Group Deal at Artfire! 

I send you smiles!

The Knitwit 

Note: My current extra prayer/support list is:
- Lovlee
- Gloria
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- Kate

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